Jacksons Hardware - Jackson's Hardware Perverts

Petaluma, California 1 comment
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I've been a long time customer of Jackson's Hardware in San Rafael California, but after 2 weeks ago I'll never go back. I was appalled to hear 2 older employees (Tom & Dan) at the tool counter making sexual comments about a pregnant customer.

1 of the employees names Shawn also seemed upset by the comments the older guys made about the women.

It seems like the younger employees had more respect for women than the older ones did. Do not shop at Jackson's Hardware if you are a women, the long timers are pigs and don't deserve your money!

Review about: Property Damage Repair.



Maybe you should have reported the occurrence to the general manager instead and then you would have gotten the story straight. The "young man who seemed upset by the comments" certainly did not recall this ever happening, and if you truly do observe any such behavior, go to the top and ask to speak to the GM, instead of posting inaccuracies.

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